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Felix's Corner

This is the personal website page of Felix Fester a.k.a. Slendy00880. You may saw me on bilibili, in Instagram or somewhere else.

Template of this website is based on the template of the actual website that existed on from 1997 year and had a name "The Sailor Saturn Ring of Destruction". In the footer you can click on the banner to check out, how original version looked like.

What did I created?

Gachi Station. A 24/7 internet radio with a lot of gachimuchi remixes. Android application is available in HUAWEI AppGallery, Amazon Appstore and here. Also you can listen first playlist right from this website.

(almost) all my SNS and etc:


FC2 Video


Telegram channel (in Russian language) page






Gem Space

If you have questions write here

or here Threema

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PAYEER: P1074804250

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